Cossacks 3 Digital Deluxe Repack Full Version 2022

Cossacks 3 Digital Deluxe Repack Full Version 2022

Cossacks 3 Digital Deluxe Repack Full Version By RG Catalyst Merupakan salah satu jenis game Strategy mungkin dari temen-temen semua sudah ada yang familiar. Kini Cossacks 3 Digital Deluxe sudah memasuki versi di mana rillis pertama kali game Cossacks 3 adalah September 2016 silam.

Secara terperinci informasi dari game ini bisa kalian lihat di bawah. Langsung saja untuk anda yang ingin mencoba game Cossacks 3 Digital Deluxe Repack terbaru, bias download filenya di bawah ini.



Release date: September 20, 2016
Genre: Strategy (Real-time), 3D, Isometric

Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: GSC World Publishing
Release from: RG Catalyst

Interface language: Russian, English and other
Subtitle language: Russian, English and other
Localization : GSC Game World
Version: Publication
Type: Repack


  • A fascinating historical real-time strategy.
  • Actions unfold in the territory of Europe XVII-XVIII centuries.
  • Five historical campaigns in single-player mode.
  • 12 of the warring countries.
  • Grandiose battles of up to 10,000 units on the map.
  • Realistic physics of the flight of bullets and cores.
  • Significant influence of the landscape on the tactics of battles.
  • Endless variations of battles with computer opponents on random cards.
  • Flexible generator of random maps with a choice of preferred terrain.

Features of the release:

  • List of supported languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian, French, German, Czech, Polish
  • Based on the release of GOG
  • Do not cut / Do not recoded
  • Installation time 5 minutes

Additions DLCs:

  • Deluxe Content – Cossacks 3: Days of Brilliance
  • Deluxe Content – Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory
  • Expansion – Cossacks 3: The Guardians of the Highlands
  • Deluxe Content – Cossacks 3: Path to Grandeur
  • Seasonal Event – Cossacks 3: Christmas Gift
  • Seasonal Event – Cossacks 3: Summer Fair
  • Deluxe Content – Cossacks 3: The Golden Age

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Langkah Install

  • Download kemudian extract
  • selanjutnya install dan mainkan game
  • enjoy full version
  • salam luar biasa

Size; 1.4 Gb | MD5: 012b5167e61532fb859f207c03b4aa0d
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