Windows Line Edition x64 Mini Terbaru 2024

Windows Line Edition x64 Mini [Updated] 2024

Rindu dengan Sistem operasi yang unik sobat. yups. kali ini saya akan share Windows Line Edition x64 Mini.

Windows Line Edition x64 Mini merupakan versi modifikasi dari windows 8.1 professional.

sobat ayng memiliki RAM 1 gb atau 2 Gb atau yang lebih tinggi, bisa juga menggunakan Windows Line Edition x64 Mini ini. tapi perlu di ingat, ini windows Mini, jadi kalo buat sobat yang sering mengerjakan pekerjaan berat dengan software software besar. lebih baik jangan. atau kalo mau mencoba ya silahkan.

o. iya. Windows Line Edition x64 Mini sudah included dengan beberapa software dan ini TRUST tanpa malware.

NOTE: Telah di Scan Windows seluruhnya oleh ESET ENDPOINT Protection!! dan Avira Internet Security 2014windows2bline2b1-4100139windows2bline2b2-8020026


Tertarik dengan tampilan mungil smooth nya. capcuus aah.

About Windows Line

Author : DiLshad Sys
Code Name : Windows Line Edition
OS Name : Windows 8.1 Professional
Architecture : 64-bit
Language : All-German (Germany) ,English (United States) ,Spanish (Spain) ,French (France) ,Italian (Italy) ,Portuguese (Brazil)
Version : 9200
Applications : 10 New Apps included
Tested : Tested on Intel DC,C2D,i3,i5,i7,AMD CQ,Athlon,Sempron
OS Size : 1.08GB
License : evaluation copy

WINDOWS ACTIVATION : For Activation, Purchase a Genuine key directly from Microsoft.


Minimum Requirement

  • Processor
  • 2 GHz or faster processor
  • Memory
  •  Recommended 1GB RAM
  • Hard disk space
  •  20 GB
  • Media drive
  • DVD/CD authoring requires a compatible optical drive
  • Video card
  • DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDM 1.0 or later driver
  • Installed Software
  •  CCleaner Professional
  •  CPU-Z 1.68
  •  FileZilla 3.8.0
  •  Notepad++ 6.5
  •  GIMP
  •  GPU-Z
  •  Kaspersky TDSS Killer
  •  On-ScreenKeyboard
  •  ProcessHacker
  •  Skype
  •  Start Menu Plus
  •  Winrar 5.0
  •  uTorrent
  • What’s Removed
  • None
  • Gadgets
  •  10
  • Themes
  • 12 New Themes
  • Whats’ New??
  •  Boot Win 9 Edition
  •  New Eye catching themes
  •  New icon sets
  •  New Sound schemes
  •  New Registry settings
  •  Hang time ratio improved
  •  Added best shortcut styles
  •  Improved application interface
  •  Added RUN on start menu
  •  Add change theme
  •  Add change wallpaper
  •  Add desktop icon settings
  •  Advanced user accounting
  •  Clear type view
  •  Copy to Move to on right click
  •  Disable Autorun Drive
  •  Disable UAC
  •  Disable Tool Tips
  •  Disable Hibernate
  •  Don’t mark new applications
  •  On Right Click Freeware Sys
  •  Enable AVALON effects
  •  Enable Clear Type Tuning
  •  Enable DVD in media player
  •  Enable Glass Effect(WDM) without graphics card
  •  Enable MP3 Encoding on right click
  •  Enable slow motion windows effects
  •  Enable status bar in notepad
  •  Get rid of windows mail splash
  •  Give your self permission to modify all
  •  Grant full admin control
  •  DiLshad Sys Site direct link from right click (Firefox needed)
  •  Removed Action center Icon
  •  Windows speed tweaking
  •  Wait to kill service – 2000
  •  Low level hooks time out – 1000
  •  Hang application time out – 1000
  • Menu show delay – 0
  •  No low disk space warning
  •  Process Schedule 1st Program
  •  Mouse Speed Increased
  •  Hang Ratio Decreased
  •  Fast Shut Down And Login
  •  Down Power After Shut Down
  •  Touch Screen Feature Added
  •  Grant Admin control on Right Click
  •  Add Admin Tools on Desktop Context Menu
  •  Add manage on Desktop Context Menu
  •  Add Move to Folder on Desktop Context Menu
  •  Add Copy To Folder on Desktop Context Menu
  •  Add Task Manager on Desktop Context Menu
  •  Add Take Ownship on Desktop Context Menu
  •  Add Register and Unregister to .dll OCX Context Menu
  •  500ms Delay Aero
  •  Larger Taskbar Previews
  •  Removed Action center icon
  •  small Taskbar Icon
  •  Removed mail Splash
  •  Detailed Shut Down And Login
  •  Blocked Negative DNS Entery
  •  turn Off System Beep
  •  Turn off low Disk

Note :-

  • Please remember that at first login the theme tends to be classic like in windows 98..
  • So right click on desktop > select change theme > select the STUDIO theme out there.
  • After that u’ll see the normal themed appearence.
  • I really can’t figure out the issue associated with this theme settings. So please try this.

To convert ISO to USB-
1 Insert USB stick
2 Open UltraISO, then “File”, then “Open”, and navigate to ISO
3 Click “Bootable” tab, then “Write Disk Image”
4 Select USB stick with dropdown arrow
5 Click “Write”
6 Done!

Credit Section:

  •  Thanks to Chris,Drew Bond,Edward VanEss.
  •  Thanks to all who have helped me and encouraged me.

DiLshad Sys

DiLshad Sys is now Freeware Sys

Langkah Menginstall Sistem operasinya

  • Download, kemudian extrac
  • selanjutnya burning atau buat USB bootable
  • selanjutnya Install seperti menginstall sistem operasi biasa

Windows ini Belum dapat di aktivasi menggunakan activator ‘ Tunggu ” ane lagi berusaha nyari

  • salam luar binasa

Size : 1 Gb
Add data reccovery 5%
Via directLink
=> Windows Line Edition x64 Mini

Password : Lihat Password | Extract ErrorUpdate Winrar | Info FAQ | Howto? Cara Download | Or

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